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The CLO Insight Summit is a hands-on executive development program that presents a framework to build a smarter workforce, adapt to change, and drive growth, along with practitioners who are redefining corporate learning, human resources, and talent management. The learnings derived from this summit, the need for Chief Learning Officers to be future focused, how are they preparing to upskill the future workforce to ensure that they deliver as per the changing needs of the business and how the role a Chief Learning Officer itself has undergone a change. The most senior learning, talent development, and people development professionals and other C-Level executives have discussed, debated, and shared their “next” practices in preparing for the future of learning and working.

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Applying Brain Science In Online Learning Design

We’ve heard about advances in brain science and its application in different fields. Learning is not untouched by these advances. It needs a practical approach for its improvisation. Brain science impacts learning processes and thus creates an opportunity for its application in online learning designing too. In this course, Sarah Nicholl shares information about her current research on brain science from fields such as cognitive psychology and neuroscience; and examines how the findings apply to online learning design.

  • Advanced
  • Conceptual Thinking, Design Learning Programs, Driving Learning Outcomes
  • 26 min
Sarah Nicholl's picture
Sarah NichollDirector, Customer Success, D2L

Best Practices For Attracting And Developing Talent

The competition in the talent marketplace is becoming intense because there are so many people and choices, so companies have to pay more, offer a better benefits package, and cater to individual needs. In this course, the panel speakers from the learning and talent acquisition domain share hiring and retention strategies that any industry can learn from.

  • Advanced
  • Talent Management, Professional Advancement, Employee Engagement
  • 27 min

Changing Face Of Corporate Learning

The world is rapidly changing due to disruptive technologies, mass globalization, and new generation of workers. The ability to up-skill and re-skill the workforce has become essential for every growing and expanding organization. With this challenge, corporations are working towards shaping a new format for corporate learning environment which is more suitable for the new generation and its requirements.

  • Advanced
  • Developing People, Driving Learning, Technology Adoption
  • 23 min

Changing Landscape Of Learning And Development

In this course, learn some of the best ways to prepare a workplace to deal with disruptions, how to inculcate a continuous learning mindset within the organization, and learn from the leaders about the challenges in the learning and development domain, managing learning operations effectively in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environment. The course touches upon the topic of employee engagement in the light of new generations coming into the workforce and making changes according to what they need and will keep them motivated.

  • Advanced
  • Employee Development, Technology Adoption, Driving Learning Culture
  • 22 min

Coachable Leader

Drawing upon recent research on ‘coach-ability’ Kevin Wilde shares his insights and practices to unlock greater participation and impact with learning initiatives. This course explores the “missing link”: How learning motivation and ‘coach-ability’ improves engagement and success. Kevin highlights the importance of being coachable for a leader and how it impacts their career progession.

  • Advanced
  • Coaching, Empowering Leadership, Strategizing Learning
  • 18 min
Kevin Wilde's picture
Kevin WildeExecutive Fellow and Senior Advisor,

Exploring The Changes In Learning And Development

In this course, the panel discussion explores the past, present, and future of the CLO role and uncovers the key trends and ideas of how the role has and will evolve. With the advent of emerging technologies and disruptions in nearly every industry, CLOs are required to constantly review both their current and future organizational needs. This course talks about the shift in the CLO role that has come about, what new technologies they are experimenting with in their organizations and how they are preparing for their evolving job in accordance with the new requirements.

  • Advanced
  • Driving Learning Culture, Technology Adoption, Measuring Learning Outcomes
  • 37 min

How Learning Supports Business Outcomes

Corporate learning and talent development are top most on all CxO agenda. Their role in corporate learning is becoming increasingly important as companies seek to close skill gaps, enter new markets, and prepare for new job roles to be created inside the company. In this course, five C-Level executives Russell Sarder, Mehran Assadi, Dan Hoffman, Jesse Jackson, Dr. Sydney Savion discuss why and how they are investing in corporate learning and what they expect of their learning goals.

  • Advanced
  • Driving Results, Developing Leadership
  • 34 min

Leadership Skills To Thrive In Change

Most books and lectures about leading change seem to be more of a “flavor of the month”, written by an executive or consultant with an intent of memorializing the latest corporate conquest. Don’t get caught-up what may be less than sound guidance. In this course, Bill shares some of his pragmatic scar tissue gleaned from working in organizations where the mantra “better, faster, cheaper” was as survival cry.

  • Advanced
  • Driving Change, Developing Leadership, Driving Business Processes
  • 33 min
Bill Kane's picture
Bill KaneAuthor & SVP of HR Group - Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Learning And The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Smarter machines are beginning to replace or redefine the way work is done and problems are approached almost in every industry. The Fourth Industrial Revolution as it is widely called now is a result of new advancements made in technologies at an exponential pace. Reports estimate that 47% of US jobs are at risk from automation.

  • Advanced
  • Strategizing Learning Initiatives, Technology Adoption, Fostering Collaboration
  • 30 min
Chris Roy's picture
Chris RoySenior Director of WW Learning Go To Markets, Microsoft

Leveraging Technology To Drive Enterprise Learning

The C-suite now recognizes that learning is a key component of a successful business strategy and technology is a key enabler. As a result, CIOs are transforming the way the business enterprise uses technology to dramatically improve how people learn, the pace of learning, and diverse ways to quickly apply learning into actionable behaviors that drive business outcomes. In this course, the panel discussion will feature CIOs who will share their strategies, success stories, and lessons learned in applying "Learning" as a core competency across the business.

  • Advanced
  • Technology Adoption, Change Management, Driving learning organization
  • 31 min