IT Operations and Leadership

Envisioning, Implementing and Managing Organization’s Top level IT requirements are crucial to the success of any large organization today. CIOs, IT & Business Managers, all are required to know the latest concepts and the best way towards successful leveraging of these concepts for business growth.

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CIO: Role & Challenges

The role of the chief information officer (CIO) has changed drastically in recent years. The CIO now has increasing responsibilities within an organization, and in most organizations, a seat at the executive table as a strategic business partner. Larry Quinlan, CIO for Deloitte LLP has a daunting job. He is responsible for ensuring that more than 210,000 employees and practitioners around the world are provided with technological innovations they need to do their jobs.

  • Advanced
  • IT Leadership, Fostering Technology, Employee Development
  • 37 min
Larry Quinlan's picture
Larry QuinlanCIO - Deloitte

Internet Of Things And Product Development

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still in its infancy but it is being rapidly developed. It is transforming how businesses operate—from manufacturing products to making repairs to keeping in touch with customers. Maciej Kranz, VP, Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco Systems and bestselling author of Building the Internet of Things, discusses how the full development and implementation of IoT will be more important than the development of the internet.

  • Intermediate
  • Integrated Technologies, Product Development
  • 24 min
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Maciej KranzVP - Cisco Systems

IT Leadership And Management Strategy

There is not a single thing that businesses can do without the involvement of IT. Mike Benson, EVP CIO for DIRECTV Inc., talks about the critical relationship between the CIO and the CEO of a company and why it is important for the success of a company that they have a good working relationship. He discusses different ways in which innovation and creativity can be encouraged in an organization.

  • Intermediate
  • Support Business Operations, Leadership
  • 24 min
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Mike BensonCIO - DIRECTV

Next Generation CIO

The role of the chief information officer (CIO) has undergone a massive transformation in responsibilities and objectives. Steve Heilenman, CIO of Computer Aid Inc. shares his thoughts on how CIOs can take their place at the executive table and become strategic partners in business decisions.

  • Intermediate
  • Leadership, IT Security
  • 25 min
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Steve HeilenmanCIO - Computer Aid