Leadership provides direction exhibiting honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and ethics. A leader is functionally sound, exuding excellent behavior ensuring a culture of organizational growth. Sarder Learning’s leadership courses enable the learner to enhance their key leadership skills across various levels and business scenarios.

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Engaging Leadership

To meet the unique challenges of today’s fast changing business world, leaders in all types of organizations are taking on newer responsibilities. Danielle Harlan, an expert in human behavior and a doctorate in political science, offers her expertise on how to become an effective leader in diverse business settings.

  • Intermediate
  • Goal Setting, Encouraging Others
  • 25 min
Danielle Harlan's picture
Danielle HarlanCEO - Center for Advancing Leadership

Fundamentals Of Leadership

Leadership is the responsibility of an individual and hence there are no limits to enhancing leadership skills. Leadership skills can be acquired and developed—with this philosophy in mind, the course focuses on building strong foundation-level leadership attributes for professionals aspiring to take over leading roles in their organizations.

  • Beginners
  • Foundational Leadership, Motivating Others, Self Awareness
  • 38 min

Improvisational Leadership In Action

The art of improv can be used to improve leadership skills and grow businesses. This is the premise of Bob Kulhan’s business, an adjunct professor of business at Duke University Fuqua School of Business, CEO of Business Improv, and an expert on leadership. Kulhan offers a unique learning experience with his background as an improvisational actor and solid practical and academic business knowledge.

  • Advanced
  • Leadership, Fostering Collaboration, Improving Communication
  • 37 min
Bob Kulhan's picture
Bob KulhanAuthor & CEO, Business Improv®

Leading Across New Borders

Globalization has become the buzzword in the last decade as an increasing number of companies are going international with their products and services. The question is: Are they fully prepared and truly ready to become corporate global citizens? Ernest Gundling, author of Leading Across New Borders, shares his experience of the international market in diverese business domains.

  • Intermediate
  • Business Management, Change Management
  • 34 min
Ernest Gundling's picture
Ernest GundlingLecturer - University of California (Berkeley)

Leading Change Management In A Growing Organization

Research says 70 percent of change initiatives in organizations do not succeed according to expectations. Change within an organization is inevitable and necessary for growth and survival in a complex business world. If you are the leader of an organization and responsible for leading change, you are also going to be responsible for dealing with disruption within the company, possible resistance from employees, and cost issues while continuing to grow your business.

  • Advanced
  • Change Management, Strategy
  • 19 min

Leading Sustainable Change: Execution & Challenges

Business leaders of both global and small organizations are beginning to see the advantages of instituting sustainable change programs. Dr. Ranjay Gulati, an expert in change management and editor of Leading Sustainable Change, a book he co-edited with Rebecca Henderson and Michael Tushman, makes the business case for sustainable change in the form of a business value proposition.

  • Advanced
  • Change Management, Crisis Management
  • 30 min
Ranjay Gulati's picture
Ranjay GulatiProfessor - Harvard University

Reverse Innovation

Organizations need continuous innovation to survive and grow in a complex business environment that is increasingly becoming global. Vijay Govindarajan, a Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business, has written and spoken on the topic of innovation for years. In this course, he shares strategies from his book The Three Box Solution for driving innovation and creating the future in the present.

  • Advanced
  • Strategy, Future-Orientation
  • 27 min
Vijay Govindarajan's picture
Vijay GovindarajanProfessor - Dartmouth

Six Steps to Build a High Performance Team

Failures and mistakes are part of everyday business scenarios—from challenging business projects to survival issues for an organization. Daniel Leidl, director of Organizational Development and Human Capital at PRG and author of Team Turnarounds, shares his knowledge about performance psychology and its application to the turnaround of organizational initiatives and organizational transformations.

  • Advanced
  • Behavior Modelling, Creating Synergy Within Team, Leading A Team
  • 40 min
Daniel Leidl's picture
Daniel LeidlDirector of Organizational Development - PRG

Social Entrepreneurship

Companies that make employees feel a part of something greater than themselves are attracting top talent. Research reveals that money is not the primary motivator for employees and statistics show employment at social enterprises has gone up by double digits over last two years. Susan Davis, the course mentor, is the co-founder of BRAC USA, an affiliate of BRAC that operates in eleven countries and has helped millions in their mission to end poverty via a business approach

  • Intermediate
  • Strategic Thinking, Leadership
  • 35 min
Susan Davis's picture
Susan DavisCEO - BRAC USA

Successful People Think Differently

Everyone wants to succeed in business but not everyone knows how to. Lewis Schiff, author of Business Brilliant, a well-known speaker and founder of the Business Owners Council, has some interesting and innovative ideas on how to succeed.

  • Intermediate
  • Strategic Planning, Business Management
  • 33 min
Lewis Schiff's picture
Lewis SchiffAuthor & Chairman - Birthing of Giants