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What is common in today's most successful organizations? How do they compete in a rapidly changing and highly competitive global environment? They are learning organizations, comprising of engaged & motivated employees who seek continuous improvement. These L&D courses are based on the Sarder Learning framework that focuses on "Building Innovative Learning Organizations".

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Building A Right Learning Culture

A learning culture is defined as a set of values, processes or environment that help individuals and organizations increase understanding, skills and knowledge for organizational success. Organizations that effectively implement a learning culture can expect an increase in efficiency, productivity, profit, employee engagement, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

  • Advanced
  • Culture Development, Leadership
  • 51 min

Building A Winning Learning And Development Strategy

The role of a CLO has transformed in terms of scope and responsibility and various perspectives have emerged, including CLOs being chief capability officers responsible for assessing capabilities required across an organization in response to dynamic business needs. Jennifer Alesia, global learning leader at GE, has helped organizations succeed by having the right people with the right skills do the right jobs.

  • Advanced
  • Strategic Thinking, Learning Technologies
  • 28 min
Jennifer Alesia's picture
Jennifer AlesiaGlobal Learning Leader - GE

Developing An Effective Learning Plan

Effective learning plans are key to successful learning and employee development programs. Studies show that most employees want to succeed and move ahead in their careers, but are unsure of how to do it. Development of effective learning goals for an organization,

  • Intermediate
  • Supporting Learning Transfer, Influencing Stakeholders
  • 57 min

Five Elements of Corporate Learning

Organizations that implement enterprise-wide learning culture initiatives are likely to see improvements in employee engagement, motivation, productivity, and hiring and retention of high-performance employees.

  • Advanced
  • Skill Development, Skill Gap Identification
  • 32 min
Michael Marquardt's picture
Michael MarquardtProfessor - George Washington University

Foundation Of A Learning Organization

The creation of a learning organization is key to business success. Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, chief knowledge officer at Cisco Systems, defines a learning organization as one that is constantly seeking better ways to deliver knowledge. She shares her expertise on how to build an effective learning organization, engage employees in learning, and measure the outcome of learning initiatives.

  • Intermediate
  • Creating Learning Programmes, Evaluating Learning Impact
  • 30 min
Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn's picture
Jeanne Beliveau-DunnChairman - IOT Talent Consortium at CISCO

Learning & Development In The Smart Machine Age

Technology advancement has changed the way we learn and process information, which has also led to a fundamental transformation in the way learning & development functions are managed. Digital technology has changed the way learners learn, gain skills & competencies.

  • Advanced
  • Learning Technologies, Change Management, Creating Learning Programmes
  • 42 min
Sydney Savion's picture
Sydney SavionChief of Education Strategy, Dell EMC-Education Services

Learning & Development: A Human Capital Approach

All learning is transformational according to Roseanna DeMaria, former chief learning officer at Merrill Lynch. For the last twenty years of her professional life, DeMaria has been involved with helping professionals achieve their career goals. She shares her expertise on a variety of subjects related to learning, coaching and the building of a learning culture.

  • Advanced
  • Creating Learning Programmes, Supporting Learning Transfer
  • 24 min
Roseanna DeMaria's picture
Roseanna DeMariaFounding Principal - DeMaria Group

Learning & Development: Evolving Strategies

A recent survey by Global Human Capital Trends shows that interest in Learning & Development has become a major area of concern for organizations as they deal with the issue of finding and retaining talent. Tom Evans, former chief learning officer of PwC and an expert in developing learning organizations, shares insights on how learning leaders can use innovative and creative solutions to meet their company’s educational needs.

  • Intermediate
  • Strategic Thinking, Creating Learning Programmes
  • 30 min
Tom Evans's picture
Tom EvansFormer CLO - PwC

Managing Learning Operations

Learning and Development is becoming more and more important in every organization as managements are realizing the need for fully skilled employees in the knowledge-based economy. Training teams need to be ready to take on this challenge of keeping employees fully engaged and well skilled for the fast-paced business world.

  • Beginners
  • Creating Learning Programmes, Training Delivery
  • 40 min

Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is defined as the process of creating, retaining and transferring knowledge within an organization. Bertrand Moingeon, professor of strategic management at HEC Paris and author of several books including Building Social Business Models, has been focusing on various aspects of L&D in his multiple articles and teachings.

  • Beginners
  • L&D Management, Driving Learning Culture
  • 33 min
Bertrand Moingeon's picture
Bertrand MoingeonDeputy Dean - HEC Paris