Effective Organizational Management is a challenge faced by all senior corporate executives. Challenges related to rapid globalization, evolving technology, multicultural teams, developing consumer mindsets, all require continuous enhancement of skills. Sarder Learning Management Courses provide a comprehensive mix of functional and operational strategies that adapt to the frequently changing global marketplace.

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Battleground To Business

United State Marines are known for doing their jobs under fire, being straight up, ethical and stalwart. These qualities don’t come to mind when we think of Wall Street or the business world in general. There is much that the Marine Corps can teach about ethically conducting business based on principles of strength and fairness.

  • Advanced
  • Leadership, Strategic Management
  • 34 min
Ken Marlin's picture
Ken MarlinManaging Partner - Marlin & Associates

Changing Accounting Principles For The New Economy

Not much has changed in general accounting principles and reporting requirements for companies in decades. Baruch Lev, Professor at New York University, Stern School of Business, strongly believes that things need to change to reflect transformations that have occurred in how business is now conducted.

  • Advanced
  • Accounting Principles, Accounting Standards
  • 27 min
Baruch Lev's picture
Baruch LevProfessor - NYU

Developing Sustainable Corporate Strategies

Companies that become static, and are reluctant to move away from products or services that made them successful, are likely to disappear from the marketplace. Rita McGrath, an internationally recognized expert on strategy and innovation and author of The End of the Competitive Advantage, shares her expertise and ideas for leaders to create a growing and sustainable future for their organizations.

  • Intermediate
  • Strategic Planning, Change Management
  • 31 min
Rita McGrath's picture
Rita McGrathAuthor & Professor, Columbia Business School

Elements Of Company Valuation

When you are considering selling or divesting, it is necessary to go through the process of business valuation where an estimate is made on the value of the company. Baruch Lev is a Professor at the New York University, Stern School of Business, and an expert in finance and accounting. In this course, he shares his expertise on various elements of company valuation.

  • Advanced
  • Accounting, Financial Analysis
  • 41 min
Baruch Lev's picture
Baruch LevProfessor - NYU

Global HR & Workforce Management

There are no HR problems; there are only business problems with HR solutions according to Vincent Suppa, a global human resources expert with proficiency in finance, strategy and technology.

  • Advanced
  • Global HR Management, Talent Management
  • 33 min
Vincent Suppa's picture
Vincent SuppaPresident - HR Avant-Garde

Going Green

The Green Movement has had its ups and downs in terms of success. Andrew Winston, consultant and author, is a passionate advocate of environmental sustainability and a strong believer that the way to corporate success is through going green.

  • Intermediate
  • Change Management, Program Management
  • 29 min
Andrew Winston's picture
Andrew WinstonFormer Associate - BCG

Immigrant Small Businesses: Challenges & Solutions

The immense contribution of immigrants who started small businesses in the United States is undeniable. It has been a driving force economically and culturally across the country. This course examines reasons why so many immigrants have become entrepreneurs, what has contributed to their success, and what challenges they have overcome.

  • Intermediate
  • Identifying Obstacles & Threats, Collaboration
  • 30 min
Joyce Moy's picture
Joyce MoyExecutive Director - Asian American Research Institute

Leading & Managing E-Business

The world of e-commerce continues to grow rapidly. Michael DeSimone is a global e-commerce expert and former CEO and president of Borderfree. At Bordefree he was instrumental in building a company that helps US retailers enter the international market without battling difficulties global players face.

  • Intermediate
  • Operational Excellence, Leadership
  • 23 min
Michael DeSimone's picture
Michael DeSimoneCEO - Shopkeep

Plugged-In Management

Organizations are having to move fast to keep up with technological advances in the marketplace—they need to be agile, forward thinking, lean, innovative and have the ability to make full use of resources. It is up to the management to lead this change to be technology savvy and efficient.

  • Intermediate
  • Operational Excellence, Leadership
  • 28 min
Terri Griffith's picture
Terri GriffithProfessor - Santa Clara University

Six Steps to Build a High Performance Team

Failures and mistakes are part of everyday business scenarios—from challenging business projects to survival issues for an organization. Daniel Leidl, director of Organizational Development and Human Capital at PRG and author of Team Turnarounds, shares his knowledge about performance psychology and its application to the turnaround of organizational initiatives and organizational transformations.

  • Advanced
  • Behavior Modelling, Creating Synergy Within Team, Leading A Team
  • 40 min
Daniel Leidl's picture
Daniel LeidlDirector of Organizational Development - PRG