Marketers must stay current in their field to be effective. The Sarder Learning Marketing courses provide participants with access to real life learning scenarios focused on the business values of marketing and branding in a technology driven market. 

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Advertising & Marketing Management

Advertising is in the midst of a major transformation due to advances in technology, growth of the mobile market, and empowerement of consumers and their increased engagement. Jeff Tan, vice president of strategy for Dentsu Aegis Network, shares recommendations on how to create and conduct successful advertising campaigns.

  • Intermediate
  • Developing Strategy, Involving Technology
  • 31 min
Jeff Tan's picture
Jeff TanSVP Mobile - Dentsu Aegis

Customer Service Leadership

As organizations grow and develop a product lines, consumer needs get overlooked sometimes. Joe Ilvento, CLO at CommVault, shares insights and strategies on taking care of consumer requirements during new product development, or during reorganization of existing product lines.

  • Intermediate
  • Customer Service, Understanding Customer Mindsets
  • 24 min
Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe IlventoCLO - CommVault

Social Media Marketing: Rules Of Engagement

Being able to use social marketing venues has become essential for all businesses. The number of choices is growing every day making it difficult for anyone involved in marketing and advertising to decide what will be effective.

  • Intermediate
  • Engaging Others, Social Media Marketing
  • 31 min
Russell Stevens's picture
Russell StevensCo-Founder - Cortico

Understanding The Publishing Industry

The traditional publishing industry is dealing with the revolution of self-publishing, e-books, and a myriad of online content providers. These changes have brought both challenges and opportunities for publishers as they negotiate ways to provide new forms of content and alternate revenue streams. Joan O’Neil, executive vice president of Knowledge and Learning at Wiley Publishing, is right in the middle of the maelstrom of change.

  • Beginners
  • Understanding Ecosystems, Identifying & Overcoming Challenges
  • 32 min
Joan O'Neil's picture
Joan O'NeilEVP - Wiley