Organization Development

Organizations are increasingly challenged by change and the demanding pressures of competition. Globalization and evolving technology is both an opportunity and a complication. Employees want more from their jobs including satisfaction and meaning and the right work-life balance. Our courses help employees understand the underlying drivers and dynamics that exist in organizations, learn how to build collaborative partnerships, and negotiate agreements with organizational leaders.

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Building A Customer-Centric Organization

As organizations grow and expand their product and service portfolios, it becomes even more important to focus on customer needs and create an entire ecosystem around it. Joe Ilvento, chief learning officer and director of talent development at CommVault, shares his thoughts and strategies to ensure customer focus stays intact and is at the center of all business activity.

  • Advanced
  • Building Collaborative Relationships, Customer Orientation
  • 24 min
Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe IlventoCLO - CommVault

Building A High Performance Organization

Preparing individuals to lead organizations is a critical exercise. Michael Tull, partner in HR International LLC, has the expertise to help leaders reach their potential. He has a business model that can be utilized to address business goals. Tull shares his knowledge on a variety of subjects that will be helpful to professionals operating in a leadership role.

  • Advanced
  • Strategic Thinking, Facilitative Leadership
  • 25 min
Michael Tull's picture
Michael TullAdjunct Faculty - NYU

Building Blocks for Effective Organizations

Atti Riazi, chief information technology officer for the United Nations, has served as a leader and technologist in the private and corporate sector, including as the CIO and acting general manager at the New York City Housing Authority. Her experience with large organizations makes her the perfect advisor on how to create a fluid and dynamic organization ready to deal with transformational change.

  • Advanced
  • Managing Change, Integrated Talent Management
  • 31 min
Atti Riazi's picture
Atti RiaziCIO - United Nations

Essentials Of Hiring And Employee Motivation

If employees are a company’s greatest assets, it is essential that organizations hire the right employees. Being able to hire the right talent for an organization and keeping these high performers engaged is critical to business success.

  • Beginners
  • Developing Others, Talent Management
  • 40 min

Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is defined as the process of creating, retaining and transferring knowledge within an organization. Bertrand Moingeon, professor of strategic management at HEC Paris and author of several books including Building Social Business Models, has been focusing on various aspects of L&D in his multiple articles and teachings.

  • Intermediate
  • Design Learning, Behavior Modelling
  • 33 min
Bertrand Moingeon's picture
Bertrand MoingeonDeputy Dean - HEC Paris

Transforming Into A Learning Organization

It is a recognized fact that for an organization to succeed and be profitable, there needs to be a strong focus on consistent learning. Peter Senge, senior lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management, shares his expertise on how to create a learning organization using the principles from his book The Fifth Discipline.

  • Advanced
  • Program Implementation, Conceptual Thinking
  • 31 min
Peter Senge's picture
Peter SengeProfessor - MIT