People and HR Management

The employees of an organization are the drivers of success. Successful organizations recognize it is not enough to individuals with impressive resumes or skill sets. It is also critical to hire employees who have a passion for their work, and who have the interest, values and curiosity to be successful within the culture of an organization. Our courses are designed to enable human resource professionals to increase their knowledge of key HR concepts from individuals who are experts in their field, so that they can contribute to their organization’s global vision and business goals.

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Conflict Management

Conflicts happen at every level in the corporate world. Disagreements can derail mergers and acquisitions, disrupt relevant departments from working together on projects, and disrupt overall productivity. Maurice Schweitzer, author of Friend & Foe, shares practical tools for handling conflicts at work and promoting successful collaboration. According to Maurice, all relationships contain elements of competition and certain skills must be learned to move toward cooperation.

  • Advanced
  • Conflict Resolution, Building Collaborative Relationships
  • 37 min
Maurice Schweitzer's picture
Maurice SchweitzerProfessor - Wharton

Developing Personal Effectiveness at Work

Personal growth needs to be a priority for most of us as we look to advance our career and grow as human beings. Dr. Ben Michaelis, clinical psychologist and well-known author of Your Next Big Thing, offers his expertise on the topic of developing personal effectiveness as it applies to the workplace.

  • Beginners
  • Cognitive Thinking, Self Awareness
  • 24 min
Ben Michaelis's picture
Ben MichaelisVisiting Scholar - Columbia University

Essentials Of Hiring And Employee Motivation

If employees are a company’s greatest assets, it is essential that organizations hire the right employees. Being able to hire the right talent for an organization and keeping these high performers engaged is critical to business success.

  • Beginners
  • HR Management, Employee Development
  • 40 min

Ethical Behavior In The Workplace

Everyone wants to behave in an ethical manner in the workplace. Behaving ethically benefits both the organization and its employees. However, research tells us that even when we think we are on our best behavior, our humanness and biases show. Dolly Chugh, associate professor at New York University, Stern School of Business and author of Ethical Learning: Releasing the Moral Unicorn, shares her expertise on creating an ethical business environment.

  • Advanced
  • Work Ethic, Building Collaborative Relationships
  • 37 min
Dolly Chugh's picture
Dolly ChughAssociate Professor - NYU

Global HR & Workforce Management

There are no HR problems; there are only business problems with HR solutions according to Vincent Suppa, a global human resources expert with proficiency in finance, strategy and technology.

  • Intermediate
  • People Management, Empowering Others
  • 33 min
Vincent Suppa's picture
Vincent SuppaPresident - HR Avant-Garde

Strategic Framework In HR Management

Human resource development is a growing area within organizations. In recent years, this area of employee management has been transformed by technology, globalization, increasing competition in the marketplace, and the evolution to a knowledge-based economy.

  • Advanced
  • Strategy Architect, People Management
  • 40 min

Talent Management: New Ways Of Sourcing And Retaining

People are an organization’s top asset. A successful business must have plans in place to attract and retain high performing employees. Statistics indicate that only one in five companies currently handle talent management effectively. It is an area where many companies need to improve. Kevin Oakes is the CEO at the Institute for Corporate Productivity and the author of The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management.

  • Intermediate
  • Talent Management, Skill Gap Identification
  • 29 min
Kevin Oakes's picture
Kevin OakesCEO - Institute for Corporate Productivity