In today’s competitive business environment, having an advantage over the competition is critical. A strong sales team is necessary to grow a business and stay ahead of competitors. Our courses are designed to improve the skills of professional sales individuals whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert. Included in the courses is training in the benefits of persuasive selling, how to build relationships, prepare and deliver effective presentations, create longer cycle sales, improve negotiation skills, and make the sale in specific markets.

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Becoming A Super Sales Professional

Most businesses involved in the sale of a product or service depend on salespeople for success. Motivated and experienced sales personnel with the right skills can create authentic relationships with customers that result in a lifetime of revenue. Joe Ilvento, CLO and worldwide director of Talent Development for CommVault Systems, shares his passion for selling and teaching others the art of selling,

  • Intermediate
  • Sales Strategy, Pitching Products
  • 32 min
Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe IlventoCLO - CommVault

Building The Right Sales Competencies

If you don’t have the right people to sell your product or service your company can fail. Well-trained sales individuals who know your product or service, understand its value, are great communicators, and are well versed in the sales process is essential for any organization.

  • Beginners
  • Building Relationships, Customer Orientation
  • 35 Minutes

Effective Sales Techniques

There is more to selling than making a pitch and hoping to make a sale. An understanding of customer psychology is always part of successful selling. Sales professionals need to understand how to develop a relationship with customers and listen to the right clues. Dealing with rejection is an issue all sales professionals must come to terms with. They must also learn to move on after rejection.

  • Intermediate
  • Overcoming Barriers, Client Acquisition
  • 30 min
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Joe IlventoCLO - CommVault

Enterprise Selling

Enterprise selling differs from transactional selling. It requires additional skills and knowledge as a salesperson to do it well. When you sell at the enterprise level, you are not just selling a product or a service, but are creating a relationship. This relationship will likely involve multiple decision makers, complex issues, and involve a high level of communication and team involvement.

  • Advanced
  • Enterprise Selling, Sales Leadership, Sales Planning
  • 28 min
Dave Mattson's picture
Dave MattsonCEO - Sandler Training

Leveraging Service To Sell

Ira Neimark, legendary CEO of Bergdorf Goodman and author of several books, discusses what he believes are the most important ingredients of a successful sales career. He tells the story of how he fell in love with the luxury market when working at Bonwit Teller, and how his ambition to work at the best store in the country brought him to Bergdorf Goodman. Neimark also discusses how he believes organizations can achieve success.

  • Intermediate
  • Customer Service, Sales Strategy
  • 39 min
Ira Neimark's picture
Ira NeimarkFormer CEO - Bergdorf Goodman

Value-based Selling - Talking Beyond Prices

The sales process is an art form that is used by successful sales individuals around the globe. It is based on creating value and developing a successful relationship with customers that rests on mutual trust, knowledge, and respect.

  • Beginners
  • Sales, Value-based Selling, Creating Professional Equity
  • 35 Minutes