Excel 2016 - Tips And Tricks

Course Overview

Course Introduction

This webinar led by William Mitchell provides information on some of the tools that are available within Microsoft Excel 2016 that can make improve the efficiency of using a spreadsheet. Excel, like all the Microsoft Office products, provides a variety of ways to conduct operations and use the software. Some of the methods are obvious but some are not. This webinar provides step by step training in using some of the shortcuts that can save time while using Excel. Some of the shortcuts and capabilities demonstrated in the webinar include: using keyboard shortcuts, autofill and “paste special” techniques, adding tables and chart filters, using absolute references to link workbooks, and creating lists using data validation.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel 2016 who wants to use the software efficiently.


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is a webinar provided by William Mitchell, an experienced Excel instructor.

Learning Objectives

To become proficient in a variety of tools and shortcuts in Microsoft Excel 2016 that allows the user to use the software more efficiently. This includes:

  • Learn keyboard shortcuts such as ALT+, F4 key, Ctrl-Tab, Shift-Arrow Keys, Ctrl-Page Up Page Down, and ALT + Enter to conduct a variety of functions within the spreadsheet.
  • Use Autofill to update repetitive data.
  • Use the Transpose function to alter rows to columns & vice versa.
  • Convert a spreadsheet into a table that is visually pleasing while maintaining current filters.
  • Link workbooks to utilize cross-functional tools.
  • Create lists using data validation.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Module 3: Using Autofill And “Paste Special” Techniques
  • Module 4: Adding Table And Chart Filters
  • Module 5: Using Absolute References To Link Workbooks
  • Module 6: Creating Lists Using Data Validation
  • Category
    On Demand Webinars
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    40 Minutes
  • Competencies
    Software Training (Excel 2016)
    Learning Technologies
  • Package
    Pro Yearly