Building A Right Learning Culture

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Course Overview

Course Introduction

A learning culture is defined as a set of values, processes or environment that help individuals and organizations increase understanding, skills and knowledge for organizational success. Organizations that effectively implement a learning culture can expect an increase in efficiency, productivity, profit, employee engagement, innovation, and employee satisfaction. It is a challenging task to take on, especially because a majority of organizations fail to transform into learning organizations.
In this course, experts from the fields of learning and management share their expertise and knowledge on how to create an environment that focuses on lifelong learning, encourages employees to take advantage of learning opportunities, share their skills with others, and transform organizations into places of growth and innovation.


Who Should Attend

  • Senior Management
  • CLOs
  • Learning And Development Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Team Managers


Course Methodology

The self-paced e-learning course is based on exclusive interviews with learning and business leaders.

Learning Objectives

  • Need for a focused vision and challenges in building a learning organization
  • The need for learning leaders to stay relevant
  • The role of a CLO
  • Use of project management skills
  • Emotional engagement
  • Core learning capabilities and use of technology

Course Modules

  • Right Leader
    • Right Leadership With A Focused Vision
    • Key Challenges Faced By Leaders
    • Importance Of Staying Relevant
    • Importance Of Organizations
    • Skill Sets Required By A CLO
    • Changing Role Of CLOs
  • Right People
    • Using “Movers And Shakers” Within The Organization
    • Employees Must Be Emotionally Engaged
  • Right Behaviors
    • Three Core Learning Capabilities
    • Everyone Needs To Work Together
    • Ability To Be Adaptive And Flexible
  • Right Resources
    • Embracing New Ways Of Learning
    • Right Training Team With Consulting Skills


  • Category
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    51 min
  • Competencies
    Building a Learning Culture

Course Experts

Peter Senge's picture
Peter Senge Professor - MIT
J.P. Eggers's picture
J.P. Eggers Associate Professor - NYU
David DeFilippo's picture
David DeFilippo CLO - Suffolk Construction
Michael Marquardt's picture
Michael Marquardt Professor - George Washington University
Edward Hess's picture
Edward Hess Professor - Darden Business School
T.J. Elliot's picture
T.J. Elliot Former CLO - ETS
Karen Kocher's picture
Karen Kocher CLO - CIGNA
Andrea Elkin's picture
Andrea Elkin Head of Enterprise Learning - ADP
Jenny Dearborn's picture
Jenny Dearborn EVP, Chief Talent & Leadership Officer - SAP
Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe Ilvento CLO - CommVault