Building The Right Sales Competencies

Course Overview

Course Introduction

If you don’t have the right people to sell your product or service your company can fail. Well-trained sales individuals who know your product or service, understand its value, are great communicators, and are well versed in the sales process is essential for any organization.

The course includes discussions by the three mentors - Joe Ilvento, John Kauffman, Jim Cathcart including the following topics: what differentiates the top one percent of sales individuals from their counterparts; characteristics of a super salesperson; importance of sales personnel having a wide set of skill sets; traditional four P’s of selling that includes product, price, promotion, and place; identifying the right target for your sales efforts; relationship selling strategies, how to identify the right market for products or services; the importance of connecting with your customer; the concept of trust in selling; need for sound bite presentations in sales; why when you are selling a product or service, leading with the benefit is effective and the importance of building value when selling a product.


Who Should Attend

  • Sales People
  • sales Executives
  • sales Managers
  • Sales Team Managers
  • Potential Sales Personnel


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is based on interviews with Joe Ilvento, John Kauffman, and Jim Cathcart.

Learning Objectives

  • Relationship building
  • How to engage customers
  • The importance of persuasion
  • Sales acumen
  • Customer orientation

Course Modules

  • Characteristics
    • What Differentiates Top Sellers
    • Traits Of The Super Salesperson
    • Top 3 Skills To Hone For Successful Sales
  • Building Customer Focus
    • First Competency: Prepare
    • Five P’s Of Selling
    • Second Competency: Target
    • Identifying The Right Market
  • Building Trust
    • Third Competency: Connect
    • Cultivating Trust
  • Talking About Your Product
    • Benefits Of A Sound Bite Presentation
    • Difference Between Features And Benefits
    • Selling Strategy: Build The Value
  • Category
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    35 Minutes
  • Competencies
    Building Relationships
    Customer Orientation
  • Package
    Pro Yearly

Course Experts

Jim Cathcart's picture
Jim Cathcart TEDx Speaker
John Kauffman's picture
John Kauffman Business Consultant & Investor
Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe Ilvento CLO - CommVault