Changing Face Of Corporate Learning

Course Overview

Course Introduction

The world is rapidly changing due to disruptive technologies, mass globalization, and new generation of workers. The ability to up-skill and re-skill the workforce has become essential for every growing and expanding organization. With this challenge, corporations are working towards shaping a new format for corporate learning environment which is more suitable for the new generation and its requirements. Where is your organization in this transformation; participating or sitting on the sidelines?
In this course, Julia Stiglitz, VP of Enterprise at Coursera and Joanne Veech, Director, Human Capital at PwC discuss shifting responsibilities of corporations in employee learning and development, and how corporations are preparing their workforce for the future.
Some of the topics covered in the course include: The Transformations; Increasing pace of transformation; Role of corporations in  disruption; Partnership of PWC and Coursera; PWC-Number of active learners; Internal Vs External Employees; Role of Certification; PWC Hiring Approach; Learners pay for personalization & quality; Reasons of high adaption rate.

Who Should Attend

  • CLO
  • CXO
  • Learning And Development Professionals
  • HR Directors
  • HR Managers
  • Training Managers


Course Methodology

This course is based on the discussion with Julia Stiglitz, Vice President, Enterprise, Coursera and Joanne Veech, Director, Global Human Capital, PwC, from the CLO Insight Summit by Sarder TV and Future Workplace 2017.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the change in responsibilities of corporations in employee learning and development
  • Understanding the role of technology in changing the education industry
  • Understanding how traditional education system would co-exist with the online education system
  • Describing how corporations can prepare their workforce for the future

Course Modules

  • Disruptions In The Education Industry
    • The Transformations
    • Increasing Pace Of Transformation
    • Role Of Corporations In Disruption
  • Digital Learning For Corporates
    • Partnership Of PWC And Coursera
    • PWC-Number Of Active Learners
    • Internal Vs External Employees
    • Role Of Certification
    • PWC Hiring Approach
  • Learner Engagement And Adoption Rate
    • Learners Pay For Personalization & Quality
    • Reasons Of High Adoption Rate
  • Category
    CLO Insight Summit
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    23 min
  • Competencies
    Developing People
    Driving Learning
    Technology Adoption

Course Experts

Joanne Veech's picture
Joanne Veech Director, Global Human Capital, PwC
Julia Stiglitz's picture
Julia Stiglitz Vice President, Enterprise, Coursera