Customer Service Leadership

Course Overview

Course Introduction

As organizations grow and develop a product lines, consumer needs get overlooked sometimes. Joe Ilvento, CLO at CommVault, shares insights and strategies on taking care of consumer requirements during new product development, or during reorganization of existing product lines.
In this course, you will get an overview of three key actions that help provide superior customer service. You will learn why customer service starts with listening to customers. You will understand the importance of providing excellent customer service to retain customers and differentiate from competitors, especially in a B2B scenario. You will also learn how customer satisfaction rates can be the focus of marketing campaigns, and explore strategies to obtain customer loyalty and strengthen trust in the service environment.


Who Should Attend

  • Customer Service Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Executives
  • Business Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Joe Ilvento, chief learning officer and director of Talent Development at CommVault.

Learning Objectives

  • Top three secrets of superior customer service
  • How to differentiate your business from your competition
  • The key to maintaining a strong ethical relationship with customers through trust and credibility
  • The ''gratuity in advance'' concept in customer service
  • Customer touch points, data and metrics, and their importance
  • Case studies

Course Modules

  • Attributes And Mission
    • Traits Of A Successful Customer Service Specialist
    • Importance Of Customer Service Mission Statement
  • Mobilizing The Base
    • Girard's Law
    • Pareto Principle Of 80/20
  • Exceeding Expectations
    • Listening Skills
    • Telephone Etiquette
    • Optimization Of Processes
    • Developing A Customer-Centric Work Culture
  • Quality Standards
    • Measurement Metrics
    • Generating Customer Referrals
    • "Moment Of Truth"
  • Category
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    24 min
  • Competencies
    Customer Service
    Understanding Customer Mindsets

Course Experts

Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe Ilvento CLO - CommVault