Developing An Effective Learning Plan

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Effective learning plans are key to successful learning and employee development programs. Studies show that most employees want to succeed and move ahead in their careers, but are unsure of how to do it. Development of effective learning goals for an organization, creation of workable competency models for employees, choice of correct learning methods, and utilization of meaningful learning assessment tools are crucial responsibilities of a learning and development program. Learning plans must align with overall business strategies and goals, and provide an organization with effective employees to meet future workforce requirements. 
In this course, you will learn from L&D experts how to effectively create and implement a learning plan for your employees and your overall business.

Who Should Attend

  • All Learning And Development Professionals
  • Team Managers
  • Business Heads
  • Senior Management


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is based on interviews with multiple L&D professionals.

Learning Objectives

  • Meeting business needs and providing best learning experiences for employees
  • Connecting employees to knowledge they need to do their jobs and add value
  • Learning at work to be as accessible as learning at home
  • Create learning goals based on impact on workforce readiness and role-based learning standards
  • Traditional classroom teaching to action learning programs for talent acceleration
  • Learning plans should be tied to ROI and bottom line

Course Modules

  • Learning Goals
    • Providing The Best In Learning Experiences
    • Connecting People To Required Knowledge
    • Ease Of Accessibility
    • Practical Applicability
    • Readiness Of Workforce
  • Competency Models
    • Providing Clarity To Stakeholders
    • Case Study
    • Implementing Informal Learning Processes
  • Learning Methods
    • Reinforcing Learning On A Company-Wide Basis
    • Human Model Behavior
    • Case Study
    • The Right Culture For Learning
  • Category
    Learning & Development
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    57 min
  • Competencies
    Supporting Learning Transfer
    Influencing Stakeholders

Course Experts

Megan Bilson's picture
Megan Bilson Former Learning Director - CITI
J.P. Eggers's picture
J.P. Eggers Associate Professor - NYU
David DeFilippo's picture
David DeFilippo CLO - Suffolk Construction
Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn's picture
Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn Chairman - IOT Talent Consortium at CISCO
Regis Courtemanche's picture
Regis Courtemanche Learning Director - BuzzFeed
T.J. Elliot's picture
T.J. Elliot Former CLO - ETS
Lonney Gregory's picture
Lonney Gregory Former Learning Director - Northrop Grumman Corporation
Valerie Norton's picture
Valerie Norton Global Talent Leader - Mercer
Dennis Budinich's picture
Dennis Budinich Chief Culture Officer - Investors Bank
Michael DeSimone's picture
Michael DeSimone CEO - Shopkeep
Jenny Dearborn's picture
Jenny Dearborn EVP, Chief Talent & Leadership Officer - SAP
Joe Ilvento's picture
Joe Ilvento CLO - CommVault