Elements Of Company Valuation

Course Overview

Course Introduction

When you are considering selling or divesting, it is necessary to go through the process of business valuation where an estimate is made on the value of the company. Baruch Lev is a Professor at the New York University, Stern School of Business, and an expert in finance and accounting. In this course, he shares his expertise on various elements of company valuation.
Professor Lev discusses economic indicators that indicate whether a company is a good risk. He talks about information investors seek and factors that can affect the share price or a company’s value in the marketplace. He discusses whether filings of corporate earnings move markets—something that has been a Wall Street mantra for decades. He defines corporate earnings and the kind of information one should be able to gather from these numbers. He touches upon the role financial analysts play in the stock market, how the role of analysts has changed over the years, what business analysts do and the effect they can have on the stock market and individual businesses. He examines whether investors choose companies to invest based on the “flavor of the month” or fads in the industry, the concept of regression analysis, the importance of strategic resources and how they are reported within the current accounting system.

Who Should Attend

  • Financial Services Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Baruch Lev, Professor at New York University.

Learning Objectives

  • Determining a company’s economic health, importance and accuracy of corporate earnings
  • Four main sources of information that affect an organization’s share price
  • Analysts as “rock stars” of the industry, their forecasts, reports and the market
  • Importance of strategic resources
  • Benefits from improved financial reports, clarity in disclosures and financial reporting
  • Changes in quarterly earnings

Course Modules

  • Gathering Relevant Information
    • Determining An Organization’s Economic Health
    • Information Sources Affecting Share Price
  • Business Analytics
    • The Role Of A Business Analyst
    • Analysts As “Rockstars”
  • Corporate Earnings
    • Impact Of Corporate Earnings On Markets
    • Accuracy Of Corporate Earnings
    • Impact Of Mixed Messages On Corporate Earnings
  • Tools For Financial Analysis: Challenges And Solutions
    • Understanding Regression Analysis
    • Strategic Resources
    • Investor And Analyst Reports
    • Improved Financial Reports
    • Is Number Manipulation A Common Practice
  • Challenges And Solutions
    • Do Investors Succumb To Fads
    • Quarterly Earnings
    • Clarity In Disclosures And Financial Reporting
    • Benefits Of Revised Accounting System
  • Category
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    41 min
  • Competencies
    Financial Analysis

Course Experts

Baruch Lev's picture
Baruch Lev Professor - NYU