Engaged Leaders

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Course Overview

Course Introduction

Effective customer communication is the key to the growth of a dynamic organization. Leadership plays an important part in setting up these processes. Use of technology also plays an important role in this and many organizations fail to leverage it. Charlene Li, author of the popular book The Engaged Leader and Open Leadership, shares her knowledge on subjects related to engaged and digital leadership.
In this course, you will learn about the qualities that make a great leader, including the ablility to develop a culture of accountability and positivity. You will understand the premise that the traditional pyramid structure of business as a hierarchy is no longer valid after the myriad changes in communication and technology, and why traditional mentors are hard to find. Charlene Li talks about “Share to Shape”, which is the ability of leaders to share information effectively. She talks about the importance of sharing information as a leader and the different tools that can be utilized to do it. She discusses what she refers to as “Listening at Scale”—leaders utilizing social media and technology to easily track what their customers, employees and competitors care about.


Who Should Attend

  • Senior Management
  • Business Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Charlene Li, founder and CEO of Altimeter Group.

Learning Objectives

  • The creation of a great leader
  • Technology and the traditional business structure, and shift away from traditional mentorship
  • “Share to shape” and “Listen at scale”
  • Leaders and engagement
  • An engaged leader, market growth and customer experience
  • Leaders and digital transformation

Course Modules

  • Digital Age Leadership
    • Traits Of A Great Leader
    • Shift From Traditional Mentorship
    • Technology In The Traditional Business Structures
  • Share To Shape And Listen to Scale
    • Information Sharing Tools
    • Utilizing Technology For Effective Listening
    • Leveraging Social Media
    • Case Studies
  • Fuelling Growth To Engagement
    • Impact Of Leadership On Market Growth
    • Creating A Better Customer Experience
    • Three Drivers Of Digital Transformation