Immigrant Small Businesses: Challenges & Solutions

Course Overview

Course Introduction

The immense contribution of immigrants who started small businesses in the United States is undeniable. It has been a driving force economically and culturally across the country. This course examines reasons why so many immigrants have become entrepreneurs, what has contributed to their success, and what challenges they have overcome. Dr. Joyce Moy, executive director of the Asian American and Asian Research Institute for the City University of New York, shares her experiences and insights into the immigrant business community in New York and across the nation.
In this course, Moy will discuss how people continue to underestimate the contributions minority immigrant businesses have made to the nation’s economic and cultural growth. She discusses why so many small businesses started by immigrants are successful; the types of businesses typically chosen by minority immigrants as start-ups, particularly the Asian community; skills gap that exist in the immigrant small business community, including technical and basic financial knowledge; and how community and trade groups can address the current skills gap. Moy also talks about common challenges for all small businesses and why it is imperative for local trade and community organizations to work as a bridge between small business owners and local regulatory agencies. She discusses what the corporate world can learn from the immigrant business community.



Who Should Attend

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Business Leaders
  • Immigrant Business Owners
  • Community Leaders
  • Trade Organization Leaders


Course Methodology

This course is based on an interview with Dr. Joyce Moy, executive director of the Asian American and Asian Research Institute for the City University of New York.

Learning Objectives

  • Contributions of immigrant businesses to the local and national economy, and learning from the immigrant business community
  • Why immigrants start businesses and reasons for their success
  • New kinds of immigrant owned businesses
  • Skills gap for new immigrant business owners and bridging the gap
  • Challenges immigrants face while setting up small businesses and key reasons immigrant small businesses fail
  • Overcoming language and cultural gaps

Course Modules

  •  Immigrant Entrepreneurs
    • Contribution Of Immigrant Small Businesses To The Local And National Economy
    • Choosing Small Businesses Over Jobs
    • Reasons For Immigrant Small Business Success
  • Skills Gap
    • New Businesses
    • Skills Gap When Setting Up Businesses
    • Bridging Skills Gap
  • Challenges And Overcoming Them
    • Biggest Reasons Immigrant Small Businesses Fail
    • Challenges Immigrants Face While Setting Up Small Businesses
    • Overcoming Language And Cultural Gaps
    • Learning From Immigrant Businesses And Their Challenges
  • Category
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    30 min
  • Competencies
    Identifying Obstacles & Threats

Course Experts

Joyce Moy's picture
Joyce Moy Executive Director - Asian American Research Institute