Leading Across New Borders

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Course Overview

Course Introduction

Globalization has become the buzzword in the last decade as an increasing number of companies are going international with their products and services. The question is: Are they fully prepared and truly ready to become corporate global citizens? Ernest Gundling, author of Leading Across New Borders, shares his experience of the international market in diverese business domains.
In this course, you will find discussions on how the global market is changing and the ethical concerns global organizations should consider, including legal and environmental issues. You will understand ways in which organizations can become more inclusive by challenging assumptions and taking inputs from people in non-traditional positions. Gundling will talk about the need on a global level for individuals with multiple skill sets. He will discuss global innovation that requires a deep understanding of the consumer, and the ability to “style shift” when necessary in order to work in different environments.

Who Should Attend

  • Global Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Change Managers
  • L&D Professionals
  • Team Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs


Course Methodology

This self-paced e-learning course is based on an exclusive interview with Ernest Gundling, author of Leading Across New Borders.

Learning Objectives

  • Ethics of being a global leader and challenges of the new global business environment
  • The elements of global inclusion and competitive advantages of inclusive leadership
  • Definition of global talent
  • Key to successful change management
  • Innovating on a global scale and strategies for working across cultures
  • How to navigate global mergers and acquisitions

Course Modules

  • Understanding Global Business Platform
    • Ethics Of Being A Global Leader
    • Challenges In The Global Business Environment
    • What Is Global Inclusion
  • Innovation And Alliances
    • Innovating On A Global Scale
    • Key To Successful Change Management
    • Cross-Cultural Management Strategies
    • Successfully Navigating Global Mergers And Acquisitions
  • Leveraging Global Resources
    • ​Hiring: Identifying The Global Skill Set
    • Inclusive Leadership: Going Local
  • Category
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    34 min
  • Competencies
    Business Management
    Change Management

Course Experts

Ernest Gundling's picture
Ernest Gundling Lecturer - University of California (Berkeley)