Learning & Development: A Human Capital Approach

Course Overview

Course Introduction

All learning is transformational according to Roseanna DeMaria, former chief learning officer at Merrill Lynch. For the last twenty years of her professional life, DeMaria has been involved with helping professionals achieve their career goals. She shares her expertise on a variety of subjects related to learning, coaching and the building of a learning culture.
In this course, DeMaria discusses how learning is transformational; the importance of learning and development to a business, particularly during times of crisis; the creation of company and individual learning plans; the relationship of learning plans to business needs. She discusses how the best learning methods are different for different people and training should be measured in improvements in performance. She also talks about why transformational learning should always be based on a business need; the development of a learning culture; performance DNA and the motivations of focus, fire, and fear; what makes a great leader; and how to lead during a crisis.


Who Should Attend

  • L&D Prfoessionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Executives
  • Senior Management
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurs


Course Methodology

The course is based on an interview with Roseanna DeMaria, founding principal for the DeMaria Group, former chief learning officer for NYU SPS, and FVP at Merrill Lynch.

Learning Objectives

  • Definition of learning
  • Importance of investing in employee development and promoting a learning culture
  • Framework of learning plans and effective learning methods
  • Measuring learning ROI
  • Performance DNA: Focus, fire, fate and fear
  • Making of a great leader and leading in crisis

Course Modules

  • Defining Learning
    • Learning Is Transformational
    • Investing In Employee Development
  • Sustainable Learning And Development Methodologies
    • Learning Plans Meet Business Needs
    • Effective Learning Methods
    • Measuring ROI
  • The Learning Ecosystem
    • Promoting A Learning Culture
    • Performance DNA: Focus, Fire, Fate, Fear 
  • Leadership
    • Making Of A Great Leader
    • Leading In Crisis
  • Category
    Learning & Development
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    24 min
  • Competencies
    Creating Learning Programmes
    Supporting Learning Transfer

Course Experts

Roseanna DeMaria's picture
Roseanna DeMaria Founding Principal - DeMaria Group