Mass Customization Of Learning And Development

Course Overview

Course Introduction

In today’s digital environment, mass personalization has become a standard expectation among learners.This course offers best practices around customizing learning for a good learner experience and catering effectively to the quest of delivering an individualized learning and development experience for a global workforce that is diverse in culture and learning needs.
Some of the topics covered in the course include: Benefits Of Multi-Domain Skillsets; Deaing With Overload Of Information As A Challenge; Meeting Consumer Expectations; Using A Flexible Framework; Designing For Humans; Creating Leadership Programs To Meet Internal Customer Needs; Building Personalized Development Program.

Who Should Attend

  • CLO
  • CXO
  • Learning And Development Professionals
  • HR Directors
  • Training Managers


Course Methodology

This course is based on a session by Amy Powell, VP of Global Leadership & Associate Development, ADP, from the CLO Insight Summit 2017 by Sarder TV and Future Workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the approach to drive learning within the organization
  • Explain the challenges in driving learning
  • Understand the concept of mass customization of learning
  • Understand the alignment of customer centricity in learning customization

Course Modules

  • Driving Learning
    • Benefits Of Multi-Domain Skillsets
    • Dealing With Overload Of Information As A Challenge
  • Mass customization-Need, Framework & Design
    • Meeting Consumer Expectations
    • Using A Flexible Framework
    • Designing For Humans
  • Customer-Centric Learning Customization
    • Creating Leadership Programs To Meet Internal Customer Needs
    • Building Personalized Development Program
  • Category
    CLO Insight Summit
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    20 min
  • Competencies
    Driving Learning Culture
    Customising Learning
    Developing Leadership

Course Experts

Amy Powell's picture
Amy Powell Vice President of Global Leadership & Associate Development, ADP