No Guts, No Gain!

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Learn the best practices of today’s top social sellers!

This program will show you how to get tough, take control of your life, plant your feet, close more sales, and make more money. You will find it beneficial to listen to the material a number of times to fully absorb the information and adjust your thoughts and beliefs.

Enjoy the words of one of professional sales training’s most innovative instructors. You will benefit from David Sandler’s refreshing views, delivered by multiple trainers, and have the opportunity for deep self-examination.

"I’m frustrated by finding people who are not gutsy, won’t plant their feet, never learned to fail, and who won’t stand up for their rights. I know they are leaving money on the table. I could give you a motivational tape on planting your feet, but you wouldn’t plant them. You’ll still bail out. I’m trying to build a base to give you a good intellectual and emotional position as to why it’s OK to plant your feet." — David Sandler

This is Sandler’s anti-wimp program. No Guts, No Gain defines the attitudes needed for success.

Then, it helps you uncover your personal obstacles for that success—tackling comfort zones, risks, fear of failure, and procrastination—and the action you need to take to overcome them and achieve the success you want and deserve.

Learn the barriers and building blocks to success in this powerful motivational program!

Course Modules

  • The Building Blocks Of Success
    • The Building Blocks Of Success (1-5)
    • The Building Blocks Of Success (6-10)
    • The Building Blocks Of Success (11-16)
    • Life Line
    • Life Line: Where Are You Now
    • I Dare You
    • Setting Gutsy Goals
  • The Barriers To Success
    • The Barriers To Success
    • The Barriers To Success (Continued)
    • Stamp Collecting
    • Money Is A Conceptual Thing
    • Breaking The Success Barrier
    • Winners And Wimps
    • Technique Barriers
    • Conceptual Barriers
  • The Anatomy Of Failure And Risking
    • Understanding Procrastination
    • Identifying Procrastination
    • Effective Decision Making
    • The Decision Making Process
    • Be A Self-Starter
    • Caught In Your Comfort Zone
  • Get Tough: The New You
    • Get Tough: The New You
    • Legal Contracts: Asserting Yourself
    • Sandler Up-Front Contracts
    • Salesperson’s Bill Of Rights
    • Courage
    • Thank You, Mr. Prospect
    • Attitude/Behavior Journal
  • Your Need To Excel
    • Need To Excel
  • Category
    Maximizing Sales
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    2 Hours
  • Competencies
    Goal Setting
    Decision Making
  • Package
    Pro Yearly

Course Experts

Brad McDonald's picture
Brad McDonald Operations Director - Sandler Training
Mike Montague's picture
Mike Montague VP - Sandler Training
Gregg Kessler's picture
Gregg Kessler Global Accounts Trainer - Sandler Training