Reskilling At Scale With Hyper Engagement

Course Overview

Course Introduction

Skills are the 21st Century currency. At companies where people are their product, developing a scalable infrastructure to skill large number of employees, is a strategic corporate imperative. This course covers elements of “Hyper Engagement” needed to launch successful learning programs and address the critical elements of agile execution required to make work scalable.
Some of the topics covered in the course include: Reskiling At Scale; Handling Digital Transformation; Executing The Training Strategy; Top Ten Elements.

Who Should Attend

  • CLO
  • CHRO
  • HR Directors
  • CIO
  • Senior IT And OD Professionals


Course Methodology

This course is based on a session by  David Clarke, Chief Digital Officer, Toolwire and Subadhra Parthasarathy, Learning Technologies Evangelist, Platform Architect, Cognizant Technology Solutions, from the CLO Insight Summit 2017 by Sarder TV and Future Workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the need to upskill employees at scale
  • Understand the approaches to manage digital transformation
  • Understand concept of hyper-engagement and its elements
  • Understand four postulates of Agile execution

Course Modules

  • Reskilling For New Technologies
    • Handling Digital Transformation
    • Executing The Training Strategy
  • Elements Hyper Engagement
    • Top Ten Elements
  • Category
    CLO Insight Summit
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    28 min
  • Competencies
    Employee Development
    L&D implementation
    Technology Adoption

Course Experts

David Clarke's picture
David Clarke Chief Digital Officer - Toolwire
Subadhra Parthasarathy's picture
Subadhra Partha... Associate Director L&D - CTS