Sandler Enterprise Selling

Course Overview

Course Introduction

A systematic approach to winning enterprise business.

The challenges of Enterprise Selling are many. This sales environment is a complex interaction of people and exchange of information that results in:

  • Longer selling cycles with increased direct and indirect costs in pursuing enterprise opportunities.
  • More complex solutions requiring carefully orchestrated implementation.
  • A high degree of team selling, highlighted by communication, collaboration and integration.

On the buyer's side, many different functions influence the buying process and the ultimate decision. Understanding all of the collaborative elements and their impact on the final course of action creates a significant challenge to the sales team.
On the seller's side, assembling and directing the value-based pursuit team demands significant client knowledge and organizational collaboration to maximize the likelihood of winning.

Setting the framework for the interactions and exchanges of information between and among buyer and seller teams is critical to ensure that the right deals are pursued—and that they are ultimately won.

Sandler Enterprise Selling provides the tools to accomplish this along with the strategies and processes to keep sales opportunities moving forward to favorably predictable conclusions. It is an independent program designed to address the unique challenges of winning, maintaining, and growing enterprise-level, major accounts. This process demands the best from each and every member of the selling organization who takes part in its execution.

Course Modules

  • Territory And Account Planning
    • Market Understanding
    • Analysis/SWOT Assessment
    • Client/Prospect Profile Development
    • Territory Value Propositions
    • Account Planning
  • Opportunity Identification
    • Prospecting
    • Engaging
    • Communication
    • Setting Expectations
  • Qualification
    • Positioning
    • Teaming
    • Pain: Establishing Reasons To Do Business
    • Budget
    • Decision
  • Solution Development
    • Refine The Position
    • Pursuit Navigator
    • Build And Form
    • Compelling Themes
    • Fingerprinting
  • Proposing And Advancement
    • Developing The Response
    • Proposal And Presentation
    • Selection
    • Agreement And Transition
  • Service Delivery
    • Client-Centric Satisfaction
    • Business Requirements Focus
    • Team Accelerators
    • Client2
    • Quarterly Value Review
    • Client Retention
  • Category
    Maximizing Sales
  • Skills Level
  • Duration
    5 Hours
  • Competencies
    Enterprise Selling
    Identifying Prospects
  • Package
    Pro Yearly

Course Experts

Brian Sullivan's picture
Brian Sullivan VP - Sandler Enterprise Selling
Dave Mattson's picture
Dave Mattson CEO - Sandler Training