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Andrew Winston's picture

Andrew Winston

Former Associate - BCG

Bailey McCann's picture

Bailey McCann

Senior News Editor - AMB Opalesque Ltd

Charlene Li's picture

Charlene Li

Principal Analyst - Altimeter

Jenny Dearborn's picture

Jenny Dearborn

EVP, Chief Talent & Leadership Officer - SAP

Joe Ilvento's picture

Joe Ilvento

CLO - CommVault

Ranjay Gulati's picture

Ranjay Gulati

Professor - Harvard University

Steve Lohr's picture

Steve Lohr

Reporter - New York Times

Dr. Susan David's picture

Dr. Susan David

Board Member

Adam Galinsky's picture

Adam Galinsky

Professor - Columbia Business School

Amy Edmondson's picture

Amy Edmondson

Professor - Harvard University

Andrea Elkin's picture

Andrea Elkin

Head of Enterprise Learning - ADP

Ben Michaelis's picture

Ben Michaelis

Visiting Scholar - Columbia University

Bertrand Moingeon's picture

Bertrand Moingeon

Deputy Dean - HEC Paris

Caroline Webb's picture

Caroline Webb

Senior Adviser - McKinsey

Dan Hoffman's picture

Dan Hoffman


Daniel Leidl's picture

Daniel Leidl

Director of Organizational Development - PRG

Danielle Harlan's picture

Danielle Harlan

CEO - Center for Advancing Leadership

David Allen's picture

David Allen

Founder - David Allen Company

Deborah Quazzo's picture

Deborah Quazzo

Founder - Global Silicon Valley Advisors

Dennis Budinich's picture

Dennis Budinich

Chief Culture Officer - Investors Bank

Dolly Chugh's picture

Dolly Chugh

Associate Professor - NYU

Ed McLaughlin's picture

Ed McLaughlin

Former CEO - Johnson Controls

Edward Hess's picture

Edward Hess

Professor - Darden Business School

Ernest Gundling's picture

Ernest Gundling

Lecturer - University of California (Berkeley)

Dr. Gilda Carle's picture

Dr. Gilda Carle

TV & Radio Host

Harish Rao's picture

Harish Rao

CEO - Interpersonal Frequency

Ira Neimark's picture

Ira Neimark

Former CEO - Bergdorf Goodman

J.P. Eggers's picture

J.P. Eggers

Associate Professor - NYU

Jennifer Alesia's picture

Jennifer Alesia

Global Learning Leader - GE

Jeff Tan's picture

Jeff Tan

SVP Mobile - Dentsu Aegis

Joan O'Neil's picture

Joan O'Neil

EVP - Wiley

John Bowen's picture

John Bowen

Senior Director - Computer Aid

Jonas Koffler's picture

Jonas Koffler

New York Times Bestselling Author

Joseph Tufano's picture

Joseph Tufano

CIO - St. John’s University

Karen Kocher's picture

Karen Kocher


Keith Ferrazzi's picture

Keith Ferrazzi

Chairman - Ferrazzi Greenlight

Ken Marlin's picture

Ken Marlin

Managing Partner - Marlin & Associates

Ken Rees's picture

Ken Rees

CEO - Elevate

Kevin Oakes's picture

Kevin Oakes

CEO - Institute for Corporate Productivity

Laurie Carey's picture

Laurie Carey

Board Chairman - We Connect The Dots

Lewis Schiff's picture

Lewis Schiff

Author & Chairman - Birthing of Giants

Linda Rottenberg's picture

Linda Rottenberg

Board Member - Globant

Lonney Gregory's picture

Lonney Gregory

Former Learning Director - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Mark Bunting's picture

Mark Bunting

Board Member - American National Bank of Texas

Maurice Schweitzer's picture

Maurice Schweitzer

Professor - Wharton

Megan Bilson's picture

Megan Bilson

Former Learning Director - CITI

Michael Chayes's picture

Michael Chayes

Professor - New York University

Michael DeSimone's picture

Michael DeSimone

CEO - Shopkeep

Michael Marquardt's picture

Michael Marquardt

Professor - George Washington University

Michael Cusumano's picture

Michael Cusumano

Director - FixStars Corpora

Mike Indursky's picture

Mike Indursky

Former CMO - Burt's Bees

Rachel Tuller's picture

Rachel Tuller

Strategic Partnerships - Citrix

Ramona Pierson's picture

Ramona Pierson

CEO - Declara

Ray Wang's picture

Ray Wang

Chairman - Constellation Research

Regis Courtemanche's picture

Regis Courtemanche

Learning Director - BuzzFeed

Rita McGrath's picture

Rita McGrath

Professor - Columbia Business School

Rob Flaherty's picture

Rob Flaherty

CEO - Ketchum

Rosabeth Kanter's picture

Rosabeth Kanter

Professor - Harvard Business School

Russ Edelman's picture

Russ Edelman

CEO - Corridor Company

Roseanna DeMaria's picture

Roseanna DeMaria

Founding Principal - DeMaria Group

Scott Delea's picture

Scott Delea

CEO - Inflexion Interactive

Russell Stevens's picture

Russell Stevens

Co-Founder - Cortico

Sajan Pillai's picture

Sajan Pillai

CEO - UST Global

Savio Chan's picture

Savio Chan

CEO - US-China Partners

Steve Heilenman's picture

Steve Heilenman

CIO - Computer Aid

T.J. Elliot's picture

T.J. Elliot

Former CLO - ETS

Terri Griffith's picture

Terri Griffith

Professor - Santa Clara University

Tiger Tyagarajan's picture

Tiger Tyagarajan

President - GENPACT

Tracey Abbott's picture

Tracey Abbott

Former VP Strategic Planning - Footlocker

Valerie Norton's picture

Valerie Norton

Global Talent Leader - Mercer

Wendy Suzuki's picture

Wendy Suzuki

Professor - New York University

Vincent Suppa's picture

Vincent Suppa

President - HR Avant-Garde

David Hershfield's picture

David Hershfield

Chief Product Officer - Auctionata AG

Adam Galinsky's picture

Adam Galinsky

Professor - Columbia Business School

Mehran Assadi's picture

Mehran Assadi

Chairman - National Life Group

Baruch Lev's picture

Baruch Lev

Professor - NYU

Atti Riazi's picture

Atti Riazi

CIO - United Nations

Peter Senge's picture

Peter Senge

Professor - MIT

Vijay Govindarajan's picture

Vijay Govindarajan

Professor - Dartmouth

Linda Hill's picture

Linda Hill

Professor - Harvard University

Irene Chang Britt's picture

Irene Chang Britt

Former President - Pepperidge Farm

Tom Evans's picture

Tom Evans

Former CLO - PwC

Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn's picture

Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn

Chairman - IOT Talent Consortium at CISCO

Mike Benson's picture

Mike Benson


Sheila Hooda's picture

Sheila Hooda

CEO & President - Alpha Advisory Partners

Michael Tull's picture

Michael Tull

Adjunct Faculty - NYU

Susan Davis's picture

Susan Davis


Stephen Wunker's picture

Stephen Wunker

MD - New Markets Advisors

Maciej Kranz's picture

Maciej Kranz

VP - Cisco Systems

Joyce Moy's picture

Joyce Moy

Executive Director - Asian American Research Institute

Anand Samwal's picture

Anand Samwal

CEO - CB Insights

David Yoffie's picture

David Yoffie

Professor - Harvard University

Jeanne Meister's picture

Jeanne Meister

Partner - Future Workplace

Betty Liu's picture

Betty Liu

CEO - Radiate

Scott Schwefel's picture

Scott Schwefel

CEO - Discover Yourself

Roland Cloutier's picture

Roland Cloutier


Lois Braverman's picture

Lois Braverman

CEO - Ackerman Institute

Leonard Sherman's picture

Leonard Sherman

Professor - Columbia Business School

Russell Sarder's picture

Russell Sarder

CEO - NetCom Learning

Kabir Sehgal's picture

Kabir Sehgal

Former VP - JP Morgan

John Baldoni's picture

John Baldoni

President - Baldoni Consulting

Larry Quinlan's picture

Larry Quinlan

CIO - Deloitte

Jim Cathcart's picture

Jim Cathcart

TEDx Speaker

Kevin J. Mulcahy's picture

Kevin J. Mulcahy

Partner - Future Workplace

Ann Lim-Brand's picture

Ann Lim-Brand

Senior Director - Sumitomo Corporation of America

Rick Crossland's picture

Rick Crossland

Author, Founder & Talent Expert, A Player Advantage

Patsy Doerr's picture

Patsy Doerr

Global Head, Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion - Thomson Reuters

John Kauffman's picture

John Kauffman

Business Consultant & Investor

Dave DeFilippo's picture

Dave DeFilippo

CLO - Suffolk Construction

Mark Babbitt's picture

Mark Babbitt

Author, Entrepreneur & Leadership Mentor

Charlie Fusco's picture

Charlie Fusco

CEO - Synergixx

Amy Loomis's picture

Amy Loomis

Director, IBM Think Academy

Dave Mattson's picture

Dave Mattson

CEO - Sandler Training

Sydney Savion's picture

Sydney Savion

Chief of Education Strategy, Dell EMC-Education Services

Bill Kane's picture

Bill Kane

Author & SVP of HR Group - Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Robert Burnside's picture

Robert Burnside

CLO - Ketchum

Bob Kulhan's picture

Bob Kulhan

Author & CEO, Business Improv®

Jesse Jackson's picture

Jesse Jackson

CLO, J.P. Morgan

Chris Roy's picture

Chris Roy

Senior Director of WW Learning Go To Markets, Microsoft

Mark Arell's picture

Mark Arell

Chief Learning Officer, Schneider Electric

Tracy Dodd's picture

Tracy Dodd

Vice President of Talent Development, CA Technologies

Paul Fama's picture

Paul Fama

Global Learning Leader, GE

Tal Goldhamer's picture

Tal Goldhamer

Chief Learning Officer, EY Americas

Julia Stiglitz's picture

Julia Stiglitz

Vice President, Enterprise, Coursera

Joanne Veech's picture

Joanne Veech

Director, Global Human Capital, PwC

Eric Duffy's picture

Eric Duffy

CEO, Pathgather

Phil Weinzimer's picture

Phil Weinzimer

Strategist, Author, Coach & Journalist, Sarder TV

Randy Spratt's picture

Randy Spratt

Former Chief Information Officer, McKesson

Isaac Sacolick's picture

Isaac Sacolick

President, CIO, StarCIO

Amy Powell's picture

Amy Powell

Vice President of Global Leadership & Associate Development, ADP

Brad Samargya's picture

Brad Samargya

CLO - Ericsson

Peg Sullivan's picture

Peg Sullivan

Global Head Of Talent Management, Morgan Stanley

Kevin Wilde's picture

Kevin Wilde

Executive Fellow and Senior Advisor,

Sarah Nicholl's picture

Sarah Nicholl

Director, Customer Success, D2L

Dongshuo Li's picture

Dongshuo Li

Founder, UMU

Gregg Collins's picture

Gregg Collins


Jeremy Goldman's picture

Jeremy Goldman

Founder and CEO - Firebrand Group

Zach Posner's picture

Zach Posner

Senior VP - McGraw Hill Education

Tracy Saunders's picture

Tracy Saunders

Senior Director of Global L&D - Ellucian

Lee Rubenstein's picture

Lee Rubenstein

Vice President, Business Development, edX

Donna Murdoch's picture

Donna Murdoch

Head of Learning Technology & Innovation, S&P Global Ratings

Dan Schawbel's picture

Dan Schawbel

Partner and Research Director, Future Workplace

Amanda Pacitti's picture

Amanda Pacitti

Vice President of Learning, Time Inc.

Sabrina Grissom's picture

Sabrina Grissom

Director of Talent & Culture, Voxy

Edward Frankel's picture

Edward Frankel

SVP, Director of Talent Acquisition, Omnicom Health Group

David Clarke's picture

David Clarke

Chief Digital Officer - Toolwire

Subadhra Parthasarathy's picture

Subadhra Parthasarathy

Associate Director L&D - CTS

Mike Boudreau's picture

Mike Boudreau

Executive Director - Condé Nast

Sean Echevarria's picture

Sean Echevarria

Product & Research -

Jon Klein's picture

Jon Klein

Chief Architect - Talla

Mike Montague's picture

Mike Montague

VP - Sandler Training

Jaiprakash Pandey's picture

Jaiprakash Pandey

Autodesk Corporate Trainer

Sean Coyle's picture

Sean Coyle

Director - Sandler Training

Gregg Kessler's picture

Gregg Kessler

Global Accounts Trainer - Sandler Training

Brad McDonald's picture

Brad McDonald

Operations Director - Sandler Training

Anneli Thomson's picture

Anneli Thomson

Managing Director - Sandler Training

Matthew Neuberger's picture

Matthew Neuberger

President - Neuberger & Company Inc.

Brian Sullivan's picture

Brian Sullivan

VP - Sandler Enterprise Selling

Andy McCreadie's picture

Andy McCreadie

Managing Director - Sandler Training

Alexander Armster-Wikoff's picture

Alexander Armster-Wikoff

Senior Trainer - Microsoft Applications

David Espy's picture

David Espy

Trainer - NetCom Learning