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Andrew Winston's picture

Andrew Winston

Former Associate - BCG

Bailey McCann's picture

Bailey McCann

Senior News Editor - AMB Opalesque Ltd

Charlene Li's picture

Charlene Li

Principal Analyst - Altimeter

Steve Lohr's picture

Steve Lohr

Reporter - New York Times

Dr. Susan David's picture

Dr. Susan David

Board Member

Adam Galinsky's picture

Adam Galinsky

Professor - Columbia Business School

Ben Michaelis's picture

Ben Michaelis

Visiting Scholar - Columbia University

Caroline Webb's picture

Caroline Webb

Senior Adviser - McKinsey

David Allen's picture

David Allen

Founder - David Allen Company

Ed McLaughlin's picture

Ed McLaughlin

Former CEO - Johnson Controls

Dr. Gilda Carle's picture

Dr. Gilda Carle

TV & Radio Host

Jonas Koffler's picture

Jonas Koffler

New York Times Bestselling Author

Ken Marlin's picture

Ken Marlin

Managing Partner - Marlin & Associates

Lewis Schiff's picture

Lewis Schiff

Author & Chairman - Birthing of Giants

Maurice Schweitzer's picture

Maurice Schweitzer

Professor - Wharton

Ray Wang's picture

Ray Wang

Chairman - Constellation Research

Adam Galinsky's picture

Adam Galinsky

Professor - Columbia Business School

Michael Tull's picture

Michael Tull

Adjunct Faculty - NYU

Stephen Wunker's picture

Stephen Wunker

MD - New Markets Advisors

Joyce Moy's picture

Joyce Moy

Executive Director - Asian American Research Institute

Betty Liu's picture

Betty Liu

CEO - Radiate

Scott Schwefel's picture

Scott Schwefel

CEO - Discover Yourself

Kabir Sehgal's picture

Kabir Sehgal

Former VP - JP Morgan

John Baldoni's picture

John Baldoni

President - Baldoni Consulting

Jim Cathcart's picture

Jim Cathcart

TEDx Speaker

Rick Crossland's picture

Rick Crossland

Author, Founder & Talent Expert, A Player Advantage

Bill Kane's picture

Bill Kane

Author & SVP of HR Group - Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Bob Kulhan's picture

Bob Kulhan

Author & CEO, Business ImprovĀ®

Phil Weinzimer's picture

Phil Weinzimer

Strategist, Author, Coach & Journalist, Sarder TV

Isaac Sacolick's picture

Isaac Sacolick

President, CIO, StarCIO

Dan Schawbel's picture

Dan Schawbel

Partner and Research Director, Future Workplace