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Dr. Susan David's picture

Dr. Susan David

Board Member

Karen Kocher's picture

Karen Kocher


Laurie Carey's picture

Laurie Carey

Board Chairman - We Connect The Dots

Linda Rottenberg's picture

Linda Rottenberg

Board Member - Globant

Mark Bunting's picture

Mark Bunting

Board Member - American National Bank of Texas

Michael Cusumano's picture

Michael Cusumano

Director - FixStars Corpora

Ray Wang's picture

Ray Wang

Chairman - Constellation Research

David Hershfield's picture

David Hershfield

Chief Product Officer - Auctionata AG

Irene Chang Britt's picture

Irene Chang Britt

Former President - Pepperidge Farm

Sheila Hooda's picture

Sheila Hooda

CEO & President - Alpha Advisory Partners

Stephen Wunker's picture

Stephen Wunker

MD - New Markets Advisors

Maciej Kranz's picture

Maciej Kranz

VP - Cisco Systems

Amy Loomis's picture

Amy Loomis

Director, IBM Think Academy

Tracy Dodd's picture

Tracy Dodd

Vice President of Talent Development, CA Technologies

Julia Stiglitz's picture

Julia Stiglitz

Vice President, Enterprise, Coursera

Joanne Veech's picture

Joanne Veech

Director, Global Human Capital, PwC

Amy Powell's picture

Amy Powell

Vice President of Global Leadership & Associate Development, ADP

Sarah Nicholl's picture

Sarah Nicholl

Director, Customer Success, D2L

Tracy Saunders's picture

Tracy Saunders

Senior Director of Global L&D - Ellucian

Lee Rubenstein's picture

Lee Rubenstein

Vice President, Business Development, edX

Edward Frankel's picture

Edward Frankel

SVP, Director of Talent Acquisition, Omnicom Health Group

Mike Boudreau's picture

Mike Boudreau

Executive Director - Condé Nast

Sean Echevarria's picture

Sean Echevarria

Product & Research - Jet.com

Sean Coyle's picture

Sean Coyle

Director - Sandler Training

Brad McDonald's picture

Brad McDonald

Operations Director - Sandler Training

Anneli Thomson's picture

Anneli Thomson

Managing Director - Sandler Training