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Charlene Li's picture

Charlene Li

Principal Analyst - Altimeter

Caroline Webb's picture

Caroline Webb

Senior Adviser - McKinsey

Dan Hoffman's picture

Dan Hoffman

CEO - Circl.es

Danielle Harlan's picture

Danielle Harlan

CEO - Center for Advancing Leadership

David Allen's picture

David Allen

Founder - David Allen Company

Deborah Quazzo's picture

Deborah Quazzo

Founder - Global Silicon Valley Advisors

Ed McLaughlin's picture

Ed McLaughlin

Former CEO - Johnson Controls

Harish Rao's picture

Harish Rao

CEO - Interpersonal Frequency

Ira Neimark's picture

Ira Neimark

Former CEO - Bergdorf Goodman

Joan O'Neil's picture

Joan O'Neil

EVP - Wiley

Keith Ferrazzi's picture

Keith Ferrazzi

Chairman - Ferrazzi Greenlight

Ken Rees's picture

Ken Rees

CEO - Elevate

Kevin Oakes's picture

Kevin Oakes

CEO - Institute for Corporate Productivity

Laurie Carey's picture

Laurie Carey

Board Chairman - We Connect The Dots

Linda Rottenberg's picture

Linda Rottenberg

Board Member - Globant

Mark Bunting's picture

Mark Bunting

Board Member - American National Bank of Texas

Michael DeSimone's picture

Michael DeSimone

CEO - Shopkeep

Ramona Pierson's picture

Ramona Pierson

CEO - Declara

Rob Flaherty's picture

Rob Flaherty

CEO - Ketchum

Russ Edelman's picture

Russ Edelman

CEO - Corridor Company

Scott Delea's picture

Scott Delea

CEO - Inflexion Interactive

Sajan Pillai's picture

Sajan Pillai

CEO - UST Global

Savio Chan's picture

Savio Chan

CEO - US-China Partners

Tiger Tyagarajan's picture

Tiger Tyagarajan

President - GENPACT

Tracey Abbott's picture

Tracey Abbott

Former VP Strategic Planning - Footlocker

Mehran Assadi's picture

Mehran Assadi

Chairman - National Life Group

Susan Davis's picture

Susan Davis


Anand Samwal's picture

Anand Samwal

CEO - CB Insights

Betty Liu's picture

Betty Liu

CEO - Radiate

Scott Schwefel's picture

Scott Schwefel

CEO - Discover Yourself

Lois Braverman's picture

Lois Braverman

CEO - Ackerman Institute

Russell Sarder's picture

Russell Sarder

CEO - NetCom Learning

Patsy Doerr's picture

Patsy Doerr

Global Head, Corporate Responsibility & Inclusion - Thomson Reuters

John Kauffman's picture

John Kauffman

Business Consultant & Investor

Charlie Fusco's picture

Charlie Fusco

CEO - Synergixx

Dave Mattson's picture

Dave Mattson

CEO - Sandler Training

Bob Kulhan's picture

Bob Kulhan

Author & CEO, Business ImprovĀ®

Eric Duffy's picture

Eric Duffy

CEO, Pathgather

Jeremy Goldman's picture

Jeremy Goldman

Founder and CEO - Firebrand Group

Zach Posner's picture

Zach Posner

Senior VP - McGraw Hill Education

Matthew Neuberger's picture

Matthew Neuberger

President - Neuberger & Company Inc.

Brian Sullivan's picture

Brian Sullivan

VP - Sandler Enterprise Selling

Andy McCreadie's picture

Andy McCreadie

Managing Director - Sandler Training