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Roseanna DeMaria
Founding Principal - DeMaria Group

Roseanna DeMaria is the Founder and Principal of The DeMaria Group. She is a performance consultant that delivers transformational thinking to make businesses and people more effective. She builds high performing leaders and organizations through customized, transformation-driven consulting. her clients are insatiable learners who refuse to accept anything less than high performance results from themselves and their organizations. her goal is to create transformational leaders who will redefine the future of their industries and their professions. Prior to NYU, she served as first Vice President of Leadership & Performance at Merrill Lynch, and as the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management at AT&T Wireless.

Roseanna is an alumni of Harvard Business School.

Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Learning & Development, Human Capital Management, Executive Coaching

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Learning and Development

Learning & Development: A Human Capital Approach

Roseanna DeMariaFounding Principal - DeMaria Group
  24 min

People and HR Management