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Sean Coyle
Director - Sandler Training

Sean Coyle, a sales and sales management thought leader, sought after keynote speaker and accomplished business owner brings 15 years of Sandler Sales and Training experience to the global community. As an equity partner in the top ranked Sandler franchise, Sandler Training by Peak Performance, Sean exhibited the Behaviors, Attitudes and Techniques that David Sandler believed were crucial to success in any business. Sean successfully managed a clientele ranging from top Pittsburgh based entrepreneurial companies to Fortune 100 corporations with global footprints across all vertical markets.

Sean and Sandler Training are focused on helping large national and global corporations embed the Sandler Sales, Sales Management, Customer Care and Leadership methodologies into the fiber of their organizations so as to gain a competitive edge in a fast paced, competitive landscape.

Specialties: Sandler breaks the conventional rules that make the sales process ineffective and demeaning. We teach honest, no-nonsense sales techniques that get results while preserving the sales professional's self-respect. Prospects are treated as they want to be treated: as intelligent, thinking individuals; BUT, the prospect NEVER contols anyone who masters the Sandler Selling System.