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Terri Griffith
Professor - Santa Clara University

Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University. She is an expert on how to make and then implement combined technology and organization decisions that increase performance -- most recently focusing on AI tools for individuals and teams and crowdsourcing. Her research includes environments ranging from start-up nonprofits to Fortune 100 technology companies. Some of these ideas are outlined in her award-winning book, The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Tune with Your People, Technology, and Organization to Thrive. Dr. Griffith is one of the 100 honored members of the 2012 class of Silicon Valley Women of Influence.
Terri is an alumni of Carnegie Mellon University.
Areas of Expertise: Technology, Strategy, Research, Management


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Plugged-In Management

Terri GriffithProfessor - Santa Clara University
  28 min