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Tom Evans
Former CLO - PwC

Tom Evans was the driving force behind the everyday development of PwC’s 41,000 U.S. partners, principals, and staff for over 10 years. As PwC’s Chief Learning Officer (CLO), he was dedicated to cultivating and advancing the firm’s culture of ongoing professional development.

As a 37-year veteran of the firm, Tom was well known for his dedication to developing people so they would be confident and capable to do the things that mattered most to their clients and to each other. In his tenure, Tom’s leadership helped to create an immersive and inclusive development journey that kept PwC’s people challenged, motivated, and inspired to invest in their own development and that of others.

Tom is an alumni of Fairleigh Dickinson University.
Areas of Expertise: Learning & Development, Organizational Design, Talent Management

Course taught by Tom Evans

Learning and Development

Learning & Development: Evolving Strategies

Tom EvansFormer CLO - PwC
  30 min