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Zach Posner
Senior VP - McGraw Hill Education

Zach Posner runs the Learning Science Platforms Group, working to unlock the full potential of every learner via learning science by adding a data layer to learning. We bring MHE’s $500M+ investment in adaptive / personalized learning technologies to corporations (via Corporate Learning Groups), publishers, and educational institutions around the globe through a SAAS offering. Grounded in research and refined by millions of learners, thousands of authors, and nine petabytes of digital content, the platforms leverage MHE’s expansive reach and scale by delivering personalized learning experiences that empower more efficient and effective learning. Scalable (due to artificial intelligence) and easy-to-use, the platforms offer authoring, delivery, and reporting capabilities that not only allow authors and designers to continuously improve their content but also enable instructors to tailor their class based on learner engagement, progress, and outcomes.